Project Description

 Skid tube container is made by jumbo tube for storage and transporting of CNG and other compressed gas (e.g. Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, etc), by using tubular shape storage with working pressure 200Bar, 250bar; They are approved by ISO11120:1999 standard for transportation purpose, the tubes will fitted into 20ft, 40ft ISO containers, enables them transportable by trailer and supply CNG to daughter station or non-piping region.

  Tube skid container is an ideal way for CNG mass transportation, with CNG capacity up to 8481NM3 per container, also it is a more reliable, safer and lower cost way than small cylinder cascade; Larger  capacity  with fewer valves and tubes to avoid gas leakage, simple structure, easier daily maintenance, minimize the cost of CNG.

Specification of CNG tube skid container (4 tubes in 40 feet container)

Item Parameters Item Parameters
Skid weight 27208kg CNG filling weight 6106kg
Filling medium CNG CNG filling capacity 8481Nm³
Working pressure 250bar Full-loading weight 33314kg
Working temp -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ Total water capacity 26.92Nm³
Service life 15 years Ball valve & Needle valve Made by Parker
Container size (LxWxH) 12192x2438x2098mm Fitting & Tubing material 304 SS
Chassis & Tractor: Optional Triple axis chassis, natural gas (CNG, LNG) powered tractor.